ams TCS3430 color sensor block diagram

Tri-Stimulus XYZ Sensor from ams Offers Near Human Eye Color Sensing for Consumer Applications

The TCS3430 sensor from ams provides break-through optical filtering functionality that produces measurements of illuminance and CCT which closely match that of the human eye. Though it’s was released back in July, the new ams...
Schematic of Allegro A4480 Buck-Boost Converter

Inductorless Buck-Boost from Allegro Drives Automotive Sensors with Reduced BoM

5Vout at 50mA with short circuit protection and operation down to 3.5Vout The analog experts at Allegro MicroSystems have recently introduced a 5Vout regulator with wide Vin.  They designed this to power sensors used in...
ML7404 wireless RF IC near ruler to show small size.

World’s First Dual-Mode Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) Compliant Wireless Communication Chip

New IC supports Sigfox and IEEE802-15-4k protocols and lengthens range 10x for IoT products. ROHM and LAPIS Semiconductor have collaborated on the world’s first LPWA (Low Power Wide Area) IC for a broad range of...

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