New Isolated DC-DC Converter Modules in Chip Packages with 1% Voltage Regulation

Vicor ChiP DCM Series DCM3623x50M04A2y7z DCM3414x50M06A8yzz DCM3623x50M06A8y7z DCM3414x50M13C2yzz DCM3623x50M13C2y7z DCM3414x50M17C2yzz DCM3414x50M26C2yzz DCM3623x50M26C2y7z DCM3414x50M31C2yzz DCM3623x50M31C2y7z DCM3414x50M53C2yzz DCM3623x50M53C2y7z DCM3623x50T0480y7z DCM3623x50T17A6y7z DCM3414x75H06A6yzz DCM3414x75H13C2yzz DCM3414x75H17C2yzz DCM3414x75H26C2yzz DCM3414x75H31C2yzz DCM3623x75H40C2y7z DCM3414x75H53C2yzz DCM3714xD2K06B5yzz DCM4623xD2K06B5y7z DCM3714xD2K13E0yzz DCM3714VD2K13E0C01 DCM4623xD2K13E0y7z DCM4623xD2K17E0y7z DCM3714xD2K26E0yzz DCM3714xD2K31E0yzz DCM4623xD2K31E0y7z DCM4623xD2N06A9y7z DCM4623xD2N13C8y7z DCM4623xD2N26C8y7z DCM4623xD2N31C8y7z DCM4623xD2N53C8y7z DCM3714xD2J13D0yzz DCM4623xD2J13D0y7z DCM3714xD2H26F0yzz DCM3714xD2H31E0yzz DCM4623xD2H31E0y7z DCM3714xD2H53E0yzz

Vicor ChiP DCM Series

Vicor has extended its family of isolated, regulated DC-DC converter modules (DCMs) in ChiP packages, with a range of ±1% voltage regulation devices. With unrivaled power densities of up to 1,032 W/in3, the new series will offer engineers the option of directly driving loads that require tightly regulated output voltages.