Thursday, February 20, 2020
Maxim's MAX86140, MAX30001, and MAX86141

Sensing in Wearables for Preventive Health and Fitness Applications

Maxim Enabling a Healthier World with Wearables for Preventive Health and Fitness Applications Design preventive healthcare and continuous monitoring solutions for wearable health...
Various sensors used for IoT

Sensors – The Lifeblood of the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a system of interconnected computing devices, digital and mechanical components or even people provide with a unique identifier...
Allegro ATS668SLM

Allegro MicroSystems, LLC Announces a new Three-Wire Differential Speed Sensor Integrated Circuit

Allegro MicroSystems, LLC announces a new optimized Hall-effect three-wire differential speed sensor integrated circuit (IC) and permanent magnet pellet combination. Allegro’s ATS668 has integrated...
Kionix KX220-1072

Analog Accelerometers with Built in Engines for the Industrial Market

Kionix's New KX220 Analog Accelerometers for the Industrial Market | ROHM Semiconductor - ROHM Co., Ltd. Kionix is pleased to announce the release...
Allegro ALS31300

Allegro MicroSystems, LLC Announces a New Three-Axis Linear Hall-Effect Sensor IC

Allegro MicroSystems, LLC announces the release of a new three-axis linear Hall-effect sensor IC that provides 12-bit digital output words that are proportional to...

New automotive-grade magnetic position sensors from ams feature PSI5 interface

New AS5172A/B systems-on-chip enable automotive OEMs to comply with stringent safety standards across a wide range of remote position sensing applications
ams TCS3430 color sensor block diagram

Tri-Stimulus XYZ Sensor from ams Offers Near Human Eye Color Sensing for Consumer Applications

The TCS3430 sensor from ams provides break-through optical filtering functionality that produces measurements of illuminance and CCT which closely match that of the human...

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