Thursday, January 4, 2018

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    New automotive-grade magnetic position sensors from ams feature PSI5 interface

    New AS5172A/B systems-on-chip enable automotive OEMs to comply with stringent safety standards across a wide range of remote position sensing applications
    Closeup of Microchip PAC1934 power monitoring IC

    99 Percent Accuracy of Power Consumption in Windows 10 Devices with Microchip Power Monitoring...

    Microchip’s new PAC1934 enables laptops, tablets, and mobile phone’s running Windows 10 to measure power usage data with up to 99 percent accuracy. As the need for longer battery life increases, it becomes necessary for...
    Silicon carbide MOSFET die

    Advantages of Using Silicon Carbide in Power Electronics

    The advantages of using SiC in power electronics is the focus of a large number of semiconductor news studies and reports. These reports prove just how advantages using SiC can be when designing power...
    Maxim's MAX86140, MAX30001, and MAX86141

    Sensing in Wearables for Preventive Health and Fitness Applications

    Maxim Enabling a Healthier World with Wearables for Preventive Health and Fitness Applications Design preventive healthcare and continuous monitoring solutions for wearable health and fitness applications with the MAX86140 and MAX86141 optical pulse...

    New Automotive Bipolar Stepper Motor Driver IC or Dual DC Motor Driver IC

    Single Supply Eliminates Need for External LDO

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