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EMI/RFI Suppression

Low-Distortion Noise Suppression Filter for Audio Lines

TDK Corporation presents the new MAF1608G noise suppression filter for audio lines. When inserted in audio lines, the new filter keeps THD+N of the audio signals to the world's lowest levels* of 0%. At the same time the miniature component (1.6 mm x 0.8 mm x 0.8 mm) features a high rated current of 1.6 A and a low DC resistance of 0.06 Ω. This makes the MAF1608G noise suppression filter optimally suited for use in speaker lines where high currents are required. These applications include earphones, speakers and microphones in devices such as smartphones, tablet PCs, and portable game consoles. The new component's high attenuation ensures effective noise suppression in audio applications.

Automotive 150°C class ferrite bead, solder mountable

Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is proud to announce the simultaneous release of four series of ferrite beads in the 0603 (1.6 x 0.8 mm) size that can be solder-mounted and are guaranteed to function at a temperature of 150°C and are designed for automotive powertrain and safety applications.

As automobiles incorporate an ever increasing amount of electrical parts and as more and more electrically powered automobiles are being developed, more noise suppression products are being used in the powertrain and safety circuits that require high levels of reliability. In particular, environments that are in close proximity to engine compartments, noise suppression products that are guaranteed to function at temperatures above the 125°C level required in the past are now in demand. In response, Murata has been supplying ferrite beads that are guaranteed to work at 150°C, but these beads supported mounting by means of conductive adhesives rather than by solder.

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