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New IDT 12-Output Clock Generator Delivers Best-In-Class Jitter Performance for Today’s Demanding Applications

Designed for the Communications and Datacom Markets, the 8V49NS0312 Clock Generator Delivers RMS Phase Jitter of 85 Femtoseconds

Integrated Device Technology, Inc. (IDT) (NASDAQ: IDTI) today introduced a highly flexible 12-output clock generator featuring ultra-low jitter performance to meet the demanding requirements of the communications and datacom markets. The IDT® 8V49NS0312 enables the high-performance timing needed for complex system environments such as those seen in 10, 40 and100 Gigabit Ethernet systems.

The 8V49NS0312 offers among the best performance on the market today, providing margin for today’s designers dealing with phase noise degradation while meeting the tough requirements in compact and space restricted systems. The device features three integer dividers and a fourth divider that can function in either integer or fractional mode and provide one LVCMOS and 11 differential outputs. Integration with IDT’s Timing Commander™ software tool enables fast and easy reconfiguration of the device, which aids engineers when dealing with overall design iterations and time to market.

The 8V49NS0312 provides multiple output frequencies with little to no frequency mixing—which is often an issue in similar devices in the market. Integrated PSNR circuitry provides superior power supply rejection, simplifying external filter requirements. The device’s flexibility in delivering specific output configurations—through pin control or additional configurations through an I2C interface—allows it to be used in a variety of clock trees while reducing overall engineering design effort.

“Today’s designers require timing devices with ultra-low phase jitter to meet the requirements for advanced communications systems,” said Kris Rausch, general manager of IDT’s Timing Products Division. “The 8V49NS0312 accomplishes this while delivering an optimal combination of mixed-clock frequencies and low phase noise performance, combined with high power supply noise rejection. The result is robust performance across a wide range of frequencies.”

The 8V49NS0312 is offered in a 64-VFQFN package and is designed to operate across the full industrial temperature range.

Features of the 8V49NS0312 include:

Ultra-low RMS phase jitter of less than 85 fs typical (12kHz – 20MHz)
Selectable LVPECL or LVDS output levels
Single LVCMOS output with option of providing generated clock or acting as reference bypass
Integrated LDO that enables superior power supply noise rejection and reduces overall filter requirements
Input that can be driven from xtal or differential clock input
Power-down option on the outputs for power savings in applications demanding low power
Select configurations that may be controlled via the use of control input pins without need for serial port access
Full Timing Commander support for seamless configuration
Output frequencies from 10.91 MHz up to 2.5 GHz differential, 250 MHz LVCMOS
Pricing and Availability

The 8V49NS0312 is available now for $6.50 each in lots of 10,000.

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