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High-performance Temperature Sensor for IoT has Low Power Consumption in a Small Package

ams, a top supplier of high performance sensors and analog ICs, today launched an integrated digital temperature sensor which offers an industry-best blend of low power consumption and high precision in a little package

The 16mm x 1mm AS6200’s typical current is 6µAn at a measurement speed of 4 samples per second, and its digital measurement output signals are precise to ±04°C.
The factory calibrated AS6200 incorporates in just one processor the functions demanded in a temperature detection system, making it simple for users to design the sensor into their space-constrained or battery powered products.

The device is made up of silicon bandgap sensor, an analog-to-digital converter, a digital signal processor and a serial I2C interface. The on- processor DSP manages all linearization and calibration, producing a 12-bit (00625°C resolution) binary output signal.

Despite its high degree of integration, the AS6200 draws very little current. Functioning from a supply range of 18V-36V, the AS6200 draws only 1.5µAn at a measurement speed of 1 sample. In standby mode, in which all the processor’s functions are turned off except the serial interface, it draws only .1µA (typical).

Ultra-low power and extremely tiny, the AS6200 creates new opportunities for makers of battery powered, mobile, and wearable devices to implement digital temperature detection into new layouts without paying a space or power penalty. Industrial process management solutions and Internet of Things (IoT) programs like cold chain tracking are substantially improved when using the AS6200 as power and space savings are realized.

The sensor’s I2C interface allows for two devices to be connected to one bus. The sensor also has a pin dedicated, when the measured temperature crosses a high or low temperature threshold, to an Alarm function, which activates an interrupt at the host microcontroller.

The price per sensor is €0.49 in order quantities of 1,000.  Samples, evaluation boards, and documentation can be found on the ams website
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