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SemiElectronics is an online resource used by modern electrical engineers to stay on the leading edge of semiconductor and electronics technology.  The electronics industry is ever-evolving: features enhance, new technology comes to market, reference designs are created, and it's daunting for even the most ambitious engineer to keep up. 

Built and maintained by applications engineers with connections to many of the major manufacturers, distributors, and insiders in the industry, SemiElectronics cuts the clutter of the Internet by providing relevant information, carefully categorized by product, application, and supplier.  This relevant information is delivered non-intrusively to a thriving electrical engineering community connected through all of the major social media networks.

For electronic component suppliers or other industry insiders, SemiElectronics provides an innovative way to reach electrical engineers with their new products, applications, reference designs, and tools.  We're looking for guest writers to help fill our site with interesting and informative articles.  We want original, exciting, and interesting posts on relevant topics related to the semiconductor and electronics industry.  We particularly like articles on innovative electronic component technology or emerging applications, such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and Wearables.  Interested parties should contact us and include their area of expertise, LinkedIn profile URL, and why they're interested in writing for us.

SemiElectronics was founded in 2011 by field applications engineers (FAEs) in the industry who have long-standing relationships with many of the top electronic component manufacturers and distributors. Follow us on your favorite social media network below.